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What happens when you merge the excitement of jazz with thoughtful musings in Dutch? Since this intriguing question has long remained unanswered, a group of five musicians have found each other and decided to join forces to figure it out. The result? Zandland.

The sultry and melancholic melodies from Marian Rompay (saxophone) propel a ship forward that ventures in the deep waters between jazz and cabaret. The lyrics by Niels Boutsen are a stream of consciousness that reflects the music through precisely chosen words. Let these stories guide you on a poetic journey through briny beaches.

Jonas Boutsen (drums), Geert Hendrickx (guitar) and Roeland Van Noten (bass) inject Zandland with funky and psychedelic overtones. They’ve been working on an EP in Nicolas Rombouts’s studio (Guido Belcanto, Stef Kamil Carlens and ex-Dez Mona). And they’re eager to take you along on their ambitious, ground-breaking and beautiful journey.

Marjan Van Rompay (BE) – Comp., Sax
Niels Boutsen (BE) – Lyrics, Voice  (STOOMBOOT)
Geert Hendrickx (BE)– Comp., Elektrische Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Jonas Boutsen (BE) – Drums
Roeland Van Noten (BE) – Electric Bass

Manchesterstraat 49A/f, 9000 Ghent
Jens Tytgat