The trio explores the horizons of contemporary blues tinged with jazz and African music. Through an organic interplay between guitar, saxophone and percussion, this multi-generational trio brings an intense musical experience full of freshness. The sound they create is both musical and lyrical, capable of suddenly switching to another dimension made of atonality and chaos, leading you to vertigo.

Each composition is a sound picture, a kaleidoscope of textures, where the rhythm and groove often take center stage but sometimes disappear to give way to other expressive forms and dialogues. This dynamic interplay keeps the listeners on the edge, walking on a wire of musical exploration.

Beyond the sheer musicality, the music carries a deep spiritual and emotional dimension. It conveys the powerful message that “the light is always greater than darkness.” While chaos may be a part of our lives, it can be transformed into something positive and beautiful. This transformative quality resonates through their compositions, evoking a sense of hope and potentiality.

Like an echo of modern times, their music invites us to plunge into an ocean of sound where melodies intertwine, and emotions awaken. It is a journey through intricate harmonies and pulsating rhythms, where the musicians paint a vivid sonic landscape. This artistic exploration mirrors the complexity of the human experience, offering a glimpse into the depths of our souls.

Julien Tassin is an exploratory guitarist dedicated to improvised and expressive original music. He has established himself as one of the most creative and committed guitarists in Europe who values the expressive power and potential of music. With a dedication to strong, lyrical melodies and beautiful themes, he creates an original language and tasteful musical landscape that draws on minimalism, ambient, blues, avant-garde, rock and jazz. His playing is raw, organic, emotional, expressive and above all uncompromising whether he is playing solo or fronting his own band. Through his compositions and improvisations he’s constantly in search of essence and purity and strives to push music boundaries.

When you look at the most famous jazz musicians from Belgium, you cannot ignore percussionist, composer and pianist Chris Joris. For over 25 years, Joris has been experimenting with different types of instruments and ethnic types of music to create a style all his own. His music can mostly be described as a combination of jazz and world music. With great passion, Joris has released several CDs in his musical career, toured Europe with his band Chris Joris Experience, and performed numerous projects; solo or with other musicians. And this with success: he has won several awards for his work, including that of Best Flemish Artist in 1998.

Improviser, composer and explorer of music from around the world all together, Manuel Hermia simultaneously expresses his discourse as a saxophonist and his love for bansuri. In addition to his saxophone and jazz harmony studies at the Conservatory, he has indeed developed a mastery of the bansuri – the flute from North-India. Besides, he has extended his knowledge of Indian and Arab music including ragas and maqams in a global thinking of music. Generally, he progressively incorporates into his language all the cultural elements that his course invites him to incorporate.

Julien Tassin (BE) – guitar, compositions
Manu Hermia (BE) – saxophone
Chris Joris (BE) – percussion and drums

Manchesterstraat 49A/f, 9000 Ghent
Jens Tytgat


Pierre Villeret


Tinka Steinhoff