Niels Boutsen, better known as Stoomboot, entered the music scene in 2011 by winning the Nekkawedstrijd. His first album, “Stoomboot” (2014) resonated well, propelling him into the major leagues of Dutch-language music, as acclaimed by the press. It’s an album full of love songs in which Boutsen hides behind humour, sarcasm and self-deprecation.The pinnacle of 2014 was marked by a MIA nomination for Best Breakthrough, losing to Oscar & The Wolf was a matter of honour. Fast forward to January 9, 2015, and a new chapter kicked off. Another record, the same crew, but a different game plan with “Storm” (2016). In the summer of 2017, he marries the love of his life. This causes an existential crisis: if you are happy, what do you write songs about?  Enter  “Zwarte Doos” (2017), a departure from the norm. Away from love songs, focused on the world. With “Stoomboot”, “Storm” and “Zwarte Doos” Stoomboot dished out a trio of records that felt like snapshots from his life – a kind of memoir capturing his stumbling steps into adulthood.

Stoomboot was not limited to Dutch-language music and organised house concerts worldwide. In 2017, he started collaborating with saxophonist Marjan van Rompay and founded the jazz quartet Zandland. He also explored French-language music with the project Mr Bateau. The brainchild of 2018 was the concept album “Omdat we naar de zee stromen” (2018),  in which Stoomboot explores the stories of three different generations. This one evolved into more than just an album – it also became a theatrical spectacle and podcast.

To celebrate his 10th birthday, Stoomboot decided to record a live album. What better place than the AB, where he clinched the Nekkawedstrijd almost a decade ago, kickstarting his career. A guitar, a voice and a lot of stories: that’s all. The performance only came out on LP,  because “10 Years of Stoomboot” requires you to sit down for a while.

Niels Boutsen (BE) – Lyrics, Voice, Guitar

Manchesterstraat 49A/f, 9000 Ghent
Jens Tytgat