Lara Rosseel Band


She graduated from the Lemmens Institute, was a former apprentice of Ander Jormin and Bobo Stenson, and played with established acts such as Chris Joris Band, Pierre Van Dormael Quartet, Barnill Brothers and  Zap Mama. It’s fair to say that Belgian double bassist Lara Rosseel has come a long way; easily to be considered one of the hardest working women in the Belgian jazz scene. After releasing a critically acclaimed debut album, De Grote Vrouw (2020), it’s now time to continue her personal quest. A journey that bursts with dancing melodies and surprising rhythms, her music is best described as ethnic acoustic jazz, flirting in a zone where cinematic jazz meets African traditional roots.

“Lara Rosseel, the poet on the double bass and a gifted composer; the silent soul with respect and love for the music, which she wants to discover and which, as far as she is concerned, goes in many directions and carries several faces.” – Chris Joris

For her new record Hert (2022, W.E.R.F. Records), Lara has been surrounded by a brand new band, consisting of Sam Vloemans, Sep Francois, Vitja Pauwels and Angelo Moustapha. In her own words, the perfect partners in crime to create a fresh repertory, a unique universe where both security and fantasy are central. Expect an album that shifts from rich arrangements to more intimate pieces, full band compositions interspersed with small auditive paintings. Musical and creative freedom with groove and ingenious interplay as the only precedents.

Like the deer to which the Dutch album title refers, this record frolics from one experience to another. It’s a game of intuitive musical experimentation, an unknown adventure where gut feeling is paramount. The music reflects a connection between two poles: ethereal soft gracefulness is contrasted with firm groundedness. Compelling, decisive and unique.

“The music on Hert is characterized both by simplicity and broad-mindedness and suppleness. Especially striking is the close interplay between the musicians who wonderfully sense and challenge each other musically and creatively, always putting the group feeling first.” – Dansende Beren

From February 2023, guitarist Willem Heylen replaces Vitja Pauwels for the upcoming tour of the Lara Rosseel Quintet.


Sam Vloemans (BE) – Trumpet, flugelhorn
Sep François (BE) – Vibes, marimba, percussion
Willem Heylen (BE) – Guitar
Angelo Moustapha (BEN) – Percussion
Lara Rosseel (BE) – Double bass

Manchesterstraat 49A/f, 9000 Ghent
Jens Tytgat