A musical drawing concert composed entirely by the audience.

Double basses!

Drawing Basses. Drawing basses. Or also: basses who draw. No coincidence, because creator and bassist Kristof Roseeuw is keen to bring together multiple disciplines in stimulating, interactive performances. Special angle: this time the audience decides what will be played. Not by shouting a round of requests, but by providing the score for the performance.

An arsenal of instruments will transform the space into a true sound lab. A variety of drawing materials are on hand. After a brief explanation of the graphic score and approach to the performance, the audience chooses their materials and gets to work. They draw their score in which creativity, originality and spontaneity are keywords. The concert starts: the game between audience and the Drawing Basses can begin. The interpreted scores are displayed on washing wires. They symbolize the evolution of this performance.

Experience how that translation happens, how different disciplines can shape each other, how surprised you will be to hear the result. Everyone – young and old, with or without musical background – can and may participate. Making music in its most accessible and collective form and…. you go home with your first graphic score. A concert in its most playful form!

For the organiser:

*It’s possible to play sessions for adults, children, musical students… Mixing the different age groups are inspiring, as the scores drawn by children counterbalance adults’ creations nicely.

*It’s important that the audience can be seated comfortably and that they can position themselves around the artists freely. A combination of pillows, sofas, and chairs, for example, would be nice in order for people of all ages to be comfortable.

*Availabilities can be discussed. The musicians are picked from a pool of Basssss members based on when they are free.


Yannick Peeters (BE) – Double bass
Kristof Roseeuw (BE)  – Double bass
Bart Maris (BE) – Trumpet
Joachim Badenhorst –
Sax, bass clarinet, clarinet,…


Manchesterstraat 49A/f, 9000 Ghent
Jens Tytgat