All About Jazz – Jasper Blom – Polyphony

All About Jazz – Jasper Blom – Polyphony

“Saxophonist Jasper Blom’s double album Polyphony, released on Whirlwind, centres around two key elements. Firstly, his long- standing penchant for adding a guest soloist to his quartet, reflected in each disc having its own additional musician. On the first CD there is trumpeter Bert Joris, with whom Blom and his quartet have played for several years, whereas on the second CD, the extra player is Nils Wogram on trombone. The music on both discs was recorded live at Amsterdam’s famous Bimhuis on May 21, 2016 (CD 1) and February 10, 2018 (CD 2). The second, arguably more crucial, catalyst for the album was Blom’s fascination with medieval polyphony and how it translates to twenty-first-century jazz. Obviously with two horns it is easier to deliver and certainly works satisfyingly well.”

All About Jazz – Roger Farbey

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