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Jeppe Høi Justesen (DK) – drums, Kamil Piotrowicz (PL) – piano, Stan Callewaert (BE) – bass

Lawaai improvises acoustic stories, triggered by visual, architectonic and textural input. Extracting and deconstructing impressions from the outside world, they reconstruct their own sound universe that breathes and grows like a living organism.

The trio first met in Copenhagen in 2017 and recorded their debut album after playing together twice. The music ended up in the form of an untitled cassette tape, released in March 2018 on a tour through Belgium, Germany and Poland. During this tour they recorded material for a second album which will come out in 2019. The band name finds its origin in the Dutch word for noise, and is a statement against the systematic categorization of sound into noise and music.

-“The musicians did not perform compositions, no one was the leader, they did not perform prepared forms. Instead, they spontaneously created meandering, growing, energetic waves of sounds that led from murmurs, knocks and beats to earthquakes and noisy blasts. Lawaai’s music is characterized by intelligence and consistency in building tension” Live review of concert at Pałac Szustra – Maciej Krawiec, Jazz Forum

Drummer Jeppe Høi Justesen (DK, 1988) graduated from the RMC in Copenhagen in 2017 and has been a familiar face on the Danish experimental scene for several years. His interests in timbre and circular movements have transformed his playing into a melodic and sensitive approach that can be heard throughout the various projects he is involved in. Jeppe has been playing, touring and recording with artists such as Christian Kyhl, Laura Toxværd, Hellas, Kasper Tranberg, Kristian Tangvik, Eliot Cardinaux, Mia Dyberg and Mads Egetoft.

Pianist Kamil Piotrowicz (PL, 1992) was nominated for the Fryderyk 2017 Award for his second album ‘Popular Music’ with the Kamil Piotrowicz Sextet. After finishing his bachelors at the Academy of Music in Gdańsk, he moved to Copenhagen where he completed a masters degree at the RMC. He was awarded with several prizes including the ‘Young Creator of Culture’ of the city of Gdańsk and the West-Pomeranian “Pro Arte” Cultural Award, and is composer and pianist for the Kamil Piotrowicz Sextet, Richard Limes, Wojtczak/Piotrowicz Plastic Poetry, HAŁVVA, Minim Experiment, Piotrowicz/Omino/Karch and Il Mare Mi Dice Le Cose. Kamil performed all over Europe and his approach to the piano is characterised by meticulous technique, virtuosity and immersive sensibility.

Bassist Stan Callewaert (BE, 1995) moved to Copenhagen in 2016 to study Music Performance at the RMC after finishing a master’s degree in jazz at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp. With Belgian trio Donder, he released three albums, won the STORM! contest in 2017 and toured extensively in- and outside of Belgium. Stan shared the stage with the likes of Randy Peterson, Kresten Osgood and Lars Greve, and can be recognized by his rather unconventional, textural approach to the double bass. A first solo album is in the making.

“The seemingly chaotic polyphony of sounds formed into a unifying, engaging message”“A palette of sounds rarely associated with the traditional piano trio” Live review of concert at Pałac Szustra – Jakub Krukowski, Jazzpress

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