An interdisciplinary improvised performance led by Samuel Ber
  • Scaphandres Party

About This Project

Scaphandres Party

An interdisciplinary improvised performance led by Samuel Ber

Present moment is what brings artists and audiences together. Scaphandres Party is a performance about and based on this present moment. We all dive inside.

Scaphandres Party is an improvised performance.

An interdisciplinary network directed by Samuel Ber and featuring Pentadox’ musicians (Sylvain Debaisieux on tenor saxophone, Bram De Looze on piano and Samuel Ber on drums and electronics), actor Yoann Blanc, actress TBC, videomaker Jeanne Cousseau, and light artist Sam Mary, draws its own territory.

A kingdom is born, crossed by winding paths, rivers, and railroad switches generated by the interactions happening between the 7 protagonists/artists (which are all on stage).

Quickly, through real time composition, this territory widens and starts to merge with the physical place in which the performance takes shape… and with its audience. Scaphandres Party becomes an empire. Or a vampire… Because, at any time, it remains playful, unpredictable, aquatic and adventurous. We imagine and create, like children: it’s all about the joy of invention, recuperation and détournement. We develop an imaginary map inhabited by bodies, textures, images, texts, lights, sounds and a very festive tribe… The borders are malleable, and new spaces can emerge at any point.

But what is this strange territory, if not a playground ?

In this project, the collective act of improvising is structured with the help of different strategies and tools created by Samuel Ber: social, perceptual, psychological, spatial, visual, narrative, mathematical strategies…

The actor Yoann Blanc manipulates texts coming from novels, essays, poetry, non- fiction, magazines, newspapers, tabloids, cookbooks, Ikea catalogues… in real time.

The performance is divided in 7 scenes (or temporal divisions), each of them being led by one of the performers. For instance, into one scene, the lights can temporarily become the main character, the story-teller, the leader. This process encourages the multiplicity of points of view. And we like to fully explore this possibility, making the hierarchy fluid and ever changing, thanks to the ability of each of the performers to switch between background and foreground, environment and individual, human and machine. And, of course, this also opens up the spectrum of the stories being told, because each member of the team has a different background, vision and sensibility and is given the space to express it.

Samuel Ber – drums, electronics & concepts
Yoann Blanc – actor
Jeanne Cousseau – video artist
Sylvain Debaisieux – tenor & soprano saxophones
Bram De Looze – piano & keyboards
Sam Mary – light artist
TBC – actress

Vincent De Bast – sound and spatialization

Brusselsesteenweg 502b, 9050 Ledeberg
Jens Tytgat