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  • Polar Dwarfs

About This Project

Polar Dwarfs is a new project initiated by Stéphane Galland (Ibrahim Maalouf, Aka Moon).

For this adventure, he contacted Adriaan Van de Velde (better known as Pomrad), to launch a duo project, which would mix acoustic and electronic drum sounds, and keyboards. The two musicians met in a rehearsal room to create new original music together which thus gave birth to “Polar Dwarfs” in early 2019, to record the album the following year.

The music of Polar Dwarfs is a mixture of jazz and electro, which also contains influences from different world music that have fueled Stéphane Galland’s journey throughout his career.

The story of the “Polar Dwarfs” is that one night, while they were walking on the ice floe admiring the splendid aurora borealis in the sky, the goddess Yhi appeared to them, and blessed them with her beneficial energy. From then on, our two polar dwarfs had a mission, that of spreading this magical energy all over the Earth, and beyond.

For this project, Stéphane Galland wanted to connect the world of electro with his approach to contemporary jazz and create an original music that would include familiar elements, mixed with new rhythmic aspects, integrating some of the approaches he has developed while working with some of the world’s greatest musicians.

Fasten your seatbelts and follow the two Polar Dwarfs in their exciting adventures around the earth and on other planets…

“In every piece, in every second, I recognize the creativity of a musician who has been admired by both world-famous professionals and the audience that has given him standing ovations at very concert where we’ve performed together in the past five years.“

– Ibrahim Maalouf

Stéphane Galland – Drums
Adriaan Van de Velde  – Keys

Brusselsesteenweg 502b, 9050 GHENT
Jens Tytgat

drums, keys, piano, Stéphane Galland