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This new quartet brings its own renditions of traditionals, timeless songs from various countries, religions and cultures. They travel back in time to do so, with some folk songs that are centuries old, passed on from generation to generation.

Although these traditionals find their origins in different countries all over the world (from Japan to South America to Northern Europe), they all share an important trait: simplicity is their strength. Through that simplicity, the songs offer the musicians the freedom to add their own twist. The quartet improvises quite a bit and the traditionals are brought to a jazz universe.

The result? Powerful songs that allow you to clear your head completely. Fäbodspalm Frân Nackadalen is one of those. Working together immaculately, the four musicians create a beautiful piece of musical magic. Other traditionals that make up the setlist include Shalom Aleichem and Wayfaring Strangers. As the quartet adds a few of their own compositions with a similar feel, the set is complete.

Haven represents a meeting place for various nationalities and cultures, a place where traditionals were sung and played in ancient times and thus passed on to each other.

Haven also refers to: a refuge, a safe place, a resting place; that is what we are looking for in our music.

Erik Bogaerts (Alto Saxophone) – Erik studied at the Royal Conservatoire of Brussels, where he was taught by John Ruocco, Jeroen Van Herzeele and Kris Defoort, among others. Besides the saxophone, he also plays the clarinet. Erik has recorded albums with Mephiti and Llop and plays as a sideman with Benjamin Sauzereau’s Les Chroniques de l’Inutile. He is currently studying photography at KASK in Ghent.

Marijke Hellemans (Guitar) – Marijke studied at the Lemmens Institute and the Conservatory of Ghent. She has worked as a guitarist on various musical theatre productions and is currently active in several projects, such as Alfredo, Freedman, Zsa Zsu and Belcirque. She is also an electric guitar teacher at Academie de Kunstbrug in Ghent.

Yannick Peeters (Double Bass) – Although Yannick started her music education playing the piano, she switched to double bass in her teens after getting a taste for jazz. She studied at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp and was later taught by grandmaster Anders Jormin at the Musikhogskolan in Göteborg. Since then, she has become an established name of the Belgian jazz scene. She is currently playing with various ensembles and has been collaborating with Dre Pallemaerts, Yves Peeters, Steven Delannoye, Sara Meyer, Bart Van Caenegem, Ewout Pierreux, Mimi Verderame and Fre Desmyter, among others. Her own project, GingerBlackGinger, is also a great success.

Yves Peeters (Drums) – In the past, Yves has played with various bands and has been involved in several projects. In addition to Haven, his drum skills can also be admired in Kleptomatics, Barnill Brothers and Harvest Group.

Brusselsesteenweg 502b, 9050 Ledeberg
Jens Tytgat

drums, guitar, sax, traditionals, yves peeters