GingerBlackGinger, the daring and authentic project centered around Belgian double bass player Yannick Peeters, enters a new chapter. American avant-garde alto saxophonist Tim Berne (Paul Motian, Hank Roberts, Bill Frisell, Joey Baron, Tom Rainey), a leading man of the improvisational music scene, will be joining the band.

“Tim is a hero of mine, a great example when it comes to music composition. I didn’t even dare ask him to join at first. I’m excited to see the dynamic form between Tim and Frans Van Isacker. The combination of two alto saxophones will produce a challenging timbre. Having a strong character like Tim in the band gives the project a new, fifth dimension. The fact that Tim and Tom Rainey have played together before, means there will be an element of trust there from the beginning.” – Yannick Peeters

In search of a new, more spiritual sound that can take different forms and contain strong contrasts, with elements of jazz, rock, avant-garde and impro, Yannick Peeters formed GingerBlackGinger, in which rawness, fragility, lyricism, originality and integrity coexist.

The musicians she invited are all personalities with a vision: creative stubborn people who won’t settle for mediocrity. Tom Rainey is an American jazz drummer with a strong international reputation in both avant-garde and mainstream music. Peeters also calls upon alto saxophonist Frans Van Isacker and guitarist Frederik Leroux, who can easily be counted among the most idiosyncratic representatives of Belgian jazz and improvisation. These are restless spirits who keep looking for new sounds, contexts and like-minded people.

Peeters aims to create compositions with room for interpretation and improvisation by her band members, which is how the personalities and musical instincts of each member are reflected in the sound.

In January 2024, the band released their debut album ‘GingerBlackGinger’ on the Belgian record label W.E.R.F. Records. This album is a showcase of their unique talents. It combines elaborate soundscapes, brief bursts of energy, and mesmerizing grooves. Each track is crafted with care, presenting a blend of captivating sounds that take the listener on a journey.

The second outing will be recorded in 2025.


Yannick Peeters (BE) – Double bass
Frederik Leroux (BE) – Guitar
Frans Van Isacker (BE) – Saxophone, clarinet
Tom Rainey (US) – Drums
Tim Berne (US) – Saxophone

Manchesterstraat 49A/f, 9000 Ghent
Jens Tytgat

Benny Claeysier