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MANNGOLD DE COBRE  was born in 2011 when the motherband MannGold (2 drums, bass and 2 guitars) was joined by Peter Vermeersch and 8 extra horns. This collaboration resulted in a completely new and unique sound: a cosmic big band with a tremendous amount of energy, flying in jazz, kraut, noise, free, film noire and punk. A lot of trance, from the beauty of In A Silent Way to tight big band sounds, repetitive psychedelica with peaks and noise eruptions combined with moments of ethereal floating and mayhem.

The band toured heavily and played in venues such as The Vooruit, La Bourse, Handelsbeurs, Nona, and prestigious festivals such as Gent Jazz, Boomtown, Jazz Middelheim, Lott Festival (Germany), indulged in collaborations (South Indian Carnatic guitarist and composer Prasana, film director Benny Vandendriessche) … .

With their intense and energetic live performance they quickly gathered a continuously growing following, an audience consisting of traditional Jazz aficionados (who love their big band arrangements and Sun Ra vibes) as well as the young incrowd falling for their trippy energetic sounds.

In 2013 MannGold de Cobre spent 2 days in the Vantage studio in Antwerp to record their debut album. Did I say 2 days? Yes, old school, CBGB style, 13 musicians playing together in one big lovely raunchy sounding room. No overdubs, no editing. The album was released on Record Store Day, and they played at the doorstep of their favourite record store, causing a traffic jam and the police closing down the street as too many people showed up for their street concert.


Guitarist Rodrigo Fuentealba is a Chilean born musician/producer/arranger and teacher who played and plays in a number of Belgian popular bands as Gabiel Rios, Fifty Foot Combo, Kris Dane, Novastar, Arsenal,… . He is also highly active in more experimental and improvisational projects with colleagues such as Mauro, Bert Dockx, Steven de Bruyn, Bart Maris, Teun Verbruggen, Karen Willems,… . Sometimes he curates or organises fine soirées with great people like Rhys Chatham, Leo Abrahams (guitarist Brian Eno,…), Seb Rochford and many more. He’s also a lecturer at the music department of the University PXL.

Peter Vermeersch is the musical director of the Flat Earth Society and also composer, hornplayer and producer (dEUS, Madensuyu, Raymond van het Groenewoud,…). In the past he was involved in leading some fantastic bands such as Union, Maximalist!, X-legged Sally and A Group, wrote music for theater and dance projects for Wim Vandekeybus, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Dito’Dito, Walpurgis, Radeis and Josse De Pauw. He also wrote pieces for the Arditti Quartet, Prima La Musica, The Smith Quartet and most recently for the Spectra Ensemble.

MANNGOLD DE COBRE – The band !!!!

Our eclectic and fantastic musicians come from all over the place and fom very different scenes (Intergalactic Lovers, Tuxedomoon, Arno, Flip Kowlier, Arid, Gabriel Rios, dEUS, Fifty Foot Combo, Mauro, Brussels Jazz Orchestra, Zesde metaal, Nordmann,…)

The musicians have one thing in common: they all share the love for that unique sound and mayhem that only MannGold de Cobre can produce.

Karel De Backer – drums (Kowlier, Novastar, Gabriel Rios,…)

Matthias Standaert – drums (Vive La Fête, Lady Linn,…)

Bruno Coussee – bass (Saint-Marteau, Rebels Without Applause,…)

Philipp Weies – guitar (Go March, Arno, Intergalactic Lovers,…)

Dree Peremans – trombone (Rebirth Collective,Brussels Jazz Orchestra)

Peter Delannoye – trombone (Delvitagroup)

Mattias De Craene : tenor sax (Nordmann, FES)

Luc Van Lieshout : trumpet (FES, Tuxedomoon)

Hans Bossuyt : trumpet (The Whodds, Briskey,…)

Kwinten Mordijck : bariton sax (Hypochristmutreefuzz, Hetz Hertz, Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat, Delvaux,…)

Peter Verdonck : bariton sax (BLAFF, FES, Thelema Trio,…)


The MannGold clan consists of a group of musicians, contributors, technicians and outspoken characters that sometimes join in the fun: Mauro, Simon Segers (Beren Gieren), Stéphane Messeghers (dEUS), Laurens Smagghe (Arno), Lennert Jacobs (Germans, Hong Kong Dong), Tom Wouters, Steve Slingeneyers (Soulwax), Patrick Van Neck, Jeroen Stevens (Gruppo Di Pawlowski, Ultima Vez,…), Elko Blijweert (Gruppo Di Pawlowski, Ultima Vez,…). They all bring along their own vibe, energy and colours, making each concert something completely unique and unforgettable.


The motherband! MannGold, was formed in 2008 with Rodrigo Fuentealba and Philipp Weies on guitar, Karel de Backer and Matthias Standaert on drums, and Maarten Standaert on bass. Maarten quit in 2012 and Bruno Coussee took over bass. They play instrumental pieces, very energetic, acid rock, psychedelica with a punkrock attitude, leaning heavily on tribal drumming and repetitive groove. And lots of MC5 guitar explorations, Motorhead and an immense liking for free form jams, noise and Sun Ra. Combined with their love for minimalism and primitive rock’n roll they played lot’s of concerts and gathered an army of MannGold junkies, following the band everywhere they play.

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MannGold de Cobre ontstond in 2011 toen de Handelsbeurs zijn schouders onder het idee zette om de band MannGold uit te breiden: samen met Peter Vermeersch werd er geschreven en gearrangeerd voor
het kwintet MannGold (2 drums, bas en 2 gitaren) en acht extra blazers, hetgeen uitmondde in een volstrekt nieuw en origineel geluid: een kosmische punk big band die met een immense energie zweeft kolkt raast en dendert tussen jazz, kraut, herrie, lieflijke scapes, film noire, Sun Ra en trance.

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