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New Album Release Availabilty:
9 – 16 Dec ’18

What makes Tony Malaby (USA) one of the most
sought after saxophone players in the New York scene, is his originality and unique sound. From
Paul Motian’s Electric Bebop Band over the Liberation Orchestra of Charlie Haden, Fred Hersh, Ches Smith, Mark Helias, Kris Davis, or Tubacello (with John Hollenbeck, Bob Stewart and Christopher Hoffman) to the Tamarindo trio (with William Parker and Nasheet Waits), Malaby has a significant influence on contemporary improvisation.

We find him in February together with ‘keyboard wizard’ Jozef Dumoulin (Lidlboj, Octurn, The Red Hill Orchestra feat. Ellery Eskelin and Dan Weiss), in a trio of the young but extremely promising Belgian drummer Samuel Ber (Kris Defoort, Nic Thys, Bo Van Der Werf, Guillaume Orti, Bram De Looze), with whom they shift effortlessly between free improv and compositions by drummer Ber.

‘From the start one marvels at the winding phrases of Malaby, which find their echo in the always adventurous Jozef Dumoulin (…) The improv is absolute and often surprising, the road is hazardous, almost unknown. It’s beautiful and fragile (…) The dialogue, like a trance, between Malaby and Ber, has an incredible intensity.’ (translated from French, Jacques Prouvost, Jazzques, November 2015)

After the first encounter in Brussels last November, this international trio is back in Belgium now for more concerts.


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