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Jazz education in Belgium has reached a remarkable high level during the past few years. Talent however, cannot simply be manufactured. This is something that pianist Bram De Looze can prove. He was already at a very young age spotted as a born musician who will come to define the sound of Belgian jazz in the upcoming years. The 22-year-old De Looze lives now for more than a year in New York, where he paves his own way amid the international top. This doesn’t prevent him from finding new ways in his homeland to express his creativity. Parallel with the hip LABtrio, in which he presents mostly own work, he now dives into the repertoire of giants such as Charles Mingus  and Thelonious Monk. A young colleague and an Eminence grise from the Belgian scene join him in his endeavours.


Holland born bass player Jos Machtel maintains a long term work relation with the internationally renowned Brussels Jazz Orchestra. During his rich career he toured around the globe and lived and worked in Kansas and Madrid. He collaborated with illustrious jazz legends of the likes of Lee Konitz, Woody Shaw, Deborah Brown and Philippe Catherine.


Drummer Matthias De Waele is a late bloomer. Before he went to the conservatory to study music he first  obtained a diploma in criminology. After his studies he threw himself on his music career and quickly became an excellent jazz drummer, in the style of his great example Philly Joe Jones. Besides this trio you can also find him in promising bands like Trioxide and PHD.


Their contemporary approach to the classical material earned them a nomination for the Belgian Jazz Meeting in 2013, an international showcase festival where the very best of Belgian jazz is promoted. Their debut ‘Foster Treasures’ contains 10 covers from jazz giants. It is surprising and refreshing to hear how they are masters over these standards in their own right, and how they are able to give their own unique twist to the music. In an adventurous fashion they blow new life into these standards.


Bram De Looze: Piano

Jos Machtel: Double Bass

Matthias De Waele: Drums

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