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Pianist Bram De Looze’s broad musical taste and exceptional musicianship is already noted in different bands such as LABtrio, Dre Hocevar Trio en the trio De Looze/Machtel/De Waele.


With his brand new project, the Bram De Looze Septych, the prodigious pianist (°1991) mixes composed and improvised music in a subtle way with contemporary classical music and jazz. In order to make this happen he surrounds himself with an international cast of astounding musicians from the US, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.


Septych will be back in May 2016! Their debut album will be presented near the end of 2015. After a successful first tour, which brought them to the biggest jazz stages, they will come back together to present the album and a lot of exciting new material! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in booking!


Bram De Looze’s Septych consists of international jazz and improvisational heavyweights led by Belgium’s most prodigious pianist, Bram De Looze. The septet is breaking new grounds in instant composing and improvisational music.


This project  marks the debut for Bram De Looze concerning a big international ensemble. The music connects with a future-oriented vision on the contemporary multicultural society and the actualization of music of the past for which western music serves as a treasure chamber for the septych.

With the new compositions from Robin Verheyen, Bo van der Werf and himself in mind he assembled an unusual ensemble: a tree-piece horn section consisting of clarinets and saxophones, 2 cellos, piano and drums. The musicians he brought together are one by one major participants on the international jazz and impro scene. With their diverse capacities these musicians contribute with their diverse capacities to the eclectic character of the project.

Robin Verheyen (B) (Soprano- and tenor Saxophone) invited Bram in 2011 for a duo concert in Gent. Their mutual contact remained unbroken since they met again in New York.

Bo Van der Werf (B) (Baritone saxophone and Bas clarinet) developed a unique musical language in the remarkable oeuvre of Octurn and Lidlboy.

Gebhard Ullmann (GER) (Tenor Saxophone and Clarinet) is a leading figure on the international scene, residing in New York as well as Berlin. He has worked together with Paul Bley, Lee Konitz, Trilok Gurtu, Enrico Rava and many others.

Lester St-Louis (US) (Cello) plays with Bram De Looze in the Dre Hocevar Trio and is active as a composer, improviser and performer in traditional and experimental contemporary classical music and jazz.

Daniel Levin (US) (cello) is an exceptional figure on his instrument and played with Rob Brown, Nate Wooley, Matt Moran, etc.

Flin Van Hemmen (US) (Drums) is the fascinating drummer of the Narcissus Quartet and works with Todd Neufeld, Eivind Opsvik and Kris Davis.


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