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The project Azure Mortal of Belgian Dirk Swartenbroekx (Buscemi, Radical Slave) is producing avant-garde electronic audio-experiments and writing low frequency music for art installations, expos, films, choreography and and live performances. Dark ambient is maybe a good description for the Azure Mortal sound. Nurse With Wound, Throbbing Gristle, Ornette Coleman, Steve Reich and Five or Six are a huge inspiration. The first ep of Azure Mortal is released in march 2014 on the label of Radical Slave/Prova. The mini-album is titled ‘The End of Society’.  Azure Mortal made this cd as a soundtrack for the work of Artist Rudi Eurlings.

In may 2014, A new Azure Mortal vinyl single was released on Record Store Day 2014 by Wally’s Groove World Record shop in Antwerp. ’3 piano piece’ is a minimalistic, repetetive composition which will be later used by artdance-group Lune. The track was also compiled by Gonzo Circus Magazine. B-side is an edit of this old recording Dirk made in 1991 under the flag of TTF. ‘The Conversation’ is the perfect mix of intriguing early keyboards sounds and a dramatic dialogue tru phone between Humprey Bogaert and Lauren Bacall.

March 2015, they released their first full length ‘Duivels’ on Consouling Sounds.

Dirk Swartenbroekx – Electronic audio-experiments / Composer

Ernst Löw (NL) – Lyrics

Peter Verdonck – Tenor Sax

Rodrigo Fuentealba – Guitar

Dirk Jans – Drums

Rif Raf – Cd Review – Duivels – Azure Mortal

Rif Raf - Review

Echoes and dust – Cd Review – Duivels – Azure Mortal

Echoes and dust - review - Azure Mortal

Snooze – Cd Review – Duivels – Azure Mortal - review Duivels-1 - review Duivels-2

Merchant of air – Cd Review – Duivels – Azure Mortal

Merchants of air - Review - Azure Mortal

Fons Immortalis – Cd Review – Duivels – Azure Mortal

Fons Immortalis - Azure Mortal – Duivels-1 Fons Immortalis - Azure Mortal – Duivels-2

Gonzo 123 – Mind The Gap – 3 Piano Piece

Buscemi, het alter ego van producer Dirk Swartenbroekx werd bekend met zijn ‘tropical housebeats’. Onder de muzikale noemer Azure Mortal brengt hij tegenwoordig donkere, bevreemdende soundscapes waar hij vroeger nergens mee terecht kon. ‘3 Piano Piece’ staat in de traditie van de seriële muziek van Steve Reich.